Green Dog Walkers’ Scheme – LATEST SURVEY RESULTS

We are very pleased to report that there has been a significant improvement in the amount of dog poo found on our second survey held in June.  The following areas were clean and no dog poo was found:

The Millennium mile

The path along the back of the cricket pitch and Jubilee Wood

Covert rise, Spinney End and Brockway

Oaklands and Rookery drive

Keysbrook and Harding Avenue

The Centre of the village

The new Redrow estate is now being included and no poo was found there.  There has been a big improvement to the churchyard since the children’s posters went up.  One heap was found on the park area and Greenlands had reduced from 6 heaps to 5.  It would be good if there was none in this area when the last survey of the year takes place in December.

Free biodegradable bags are made available around the village and this appears to be helping.  The Guides are making some new posters which will be going up shortly in view of the fact the other posters have suffered from the torrential rain and need replacing.  

We had a successful evening with Andrew Hull kindly talking about the Jubilee wood with the Guides and Suzanne Miller came to the meeting to talk to the girls about how dog poo can affect farm animals and the need to follow the Country Code but she explained that most farmers are happy for people to walk across their land provided they follow the Code.

To find out more about the scheme and to download a form to join click here.

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