Tattenhall Green Dog Walkers Scheme

A friendly way to change attitudes to dog fouling…….

The Parish Council wants dog owners to sign up to this new scheme, by signing up you agree to do the following:

  • Scheme members promise to abide by The Rules.
  • Scheme members receive high visibility badges/tags for their dogs confirming that they abide by the rules.
  • Scheme members will be encouraged to pick up free bio-degradable bags form various locations in Tattenhall.
  • Scheme members will be encouraged to carry enough bags to offer to other dog walkers


clear up after your dog

always carry bags to clear up

dispose of the bag correctly by either using a dog waste or litter bin or taking it home and placing it, suitably wrapped, in your own bin

do not dump the bag in a hedge or elsewhere as this is littering which carries the same penalty as dog fouling

encourage the dog to ‘go’ in your garden, you can then bury the mess or alternatively clean it up and bin it

never let your dog out alone to ‘go to the loo’

always worm your dog regularly, vets normally advise worming dogs every three to four months.

Membership forms will be available from the Tattenhall Post Office, Tattenhall News Alison’s Café and Parish Council Surgeries at the Country Market from Wednesday 20th March 2019 or can be obtained by clicking here and returned to the Clerk.

This scheme has been kindly sponsored by: