The Spinney Project

Spinney Master Plan
Spinney Master Plan
Spinney Master Plan pdf version

The Parish Council is excited to have received £69,640.00 funding from FCC Communities Foundation, who award grants to community projects from funds donated by FCC Environment through the Landfill Communities Fund to undertake the Spinney Project, with works starting September 2021

In the beginning……..
The project started with Tattenhall and District Parish Council commissioning CW&C Total Environment Team to develop a plan to enhance the Spinney and the grassed area next to it in the heart of the village.

The Council also commissioned CW&C Total Environment Team to carryout an ecological survey of the site which has informed the scheme which has been developed.

The Spinney Ecological Assessment

We have obtained this funding due to the support of residents, community groups and business leaders who demonstrated the need to make this a more accessible and attractive open space for the whole community to enjoy.

Above you will see the master plan we have had commissioned – we believe it’s a great plan for this beautiful but underused open space. 

It embraces our commitment to actively help improve the mental and physical wellbeing of the community, our natural habitats and wildlife, and the education of our younger generations – and will be free for everyone to enjoy whenever they want to!

The Plan & Works will include:

  • The creation of surface walkways allowing people to easily access the Spinney wooded area.
  • Creating areas to sit and enjoy the environment – maybe read a book, have a picnic, chat with friends or just take some time out from a busy day
  • Enhancing and conservation of the wildlife habitats in the Spinney.
  • Interpretation boards to help identify the fauna and flora and learn more about the environment
  • Creating a natural pond and pathways on the grassed area (phase 2)
  • Educational and fun interactions for children with bug hotels and other habitat areas to explore

The scheme will create walks for exercise and enjoyment, with or without a dog , where you can make the most of this lovely open space with its areas for quiet contemplation, a picnic, or maybe a brisk jog to blow away the cobwebs!

It will offer volunteering projects for local groups and school/pre-school to really get involved with, learn from and enjoy a beautiful natural space throughout its changing seasons. 

It will enhance and preserve the biodiversity of the area – All of this right in the heart of the village!

Spinney Master Plan pdf version

Here are some reasons why this project is so important:

  • In Tattenhall we are short of accessible green spaces in the centre of the village, the project will make the Spinney and attractive and useable green space.
  • We need to make the most of what we have and at present this is a neglected area with a great deal of potential.
  • The availability of green space is directly linked to improvement in mental health.
  • Wheelchair access will be provided and a seating area so elderly people can enjoy a space in which they can sit and enjoy nature.  It is also planned to include features such a braille for the visually impaired to make the most of the area.
  • Seating areas will provide the opportunity for people to meet other people contributing to companionship and a sense of belonging.
  • Children and families can interact with nature, using the stream for dipping, bug hunting and studying the plants and trees. 
  • Forest school activities can take place with the Brownies, Guides, Scouts, preschool children and children visiting the Tattenhall Centre.
  • The area will include interpretation boards to help visitors identify the wildlife etc.
  • If the area is improved, it is less likely to attract anti-social behaviour as it will be easier to see in to and out of the area and will attract more visitors.
  • Businesses will be able to use the space for time out and inspiration from the natural world, returning to work refreshed and inspired!
  • The area is very safe as there are no roads nearby. 
  • This project is part of a larger scheme of improvements and will include opportunities for volunteering.
  • The works will improve the biodiversity of the area allowing plants that have been lost in the overgrowth to become re-established as well including the creation of bug hotels etc.
  • The improvements will create an attractive area for the community of Tattenhall to visit and have picnics etc without the use of a car or public transport.
  • The area will provide a pleasant area for people to take exercise including walking their dogs.
  • The area will be available for all and will be free of charge.