The Parish Council

Tattenhall & District Parish Council is an apolitical, independent, local democratic unit for the village and the hamlets of Newton by Tattenhall and Golborne Bellow.

The Parish Council is the most local tier of administration, the first tier of democratic government and each parish council is in effect a small local authority.  While the Parish Council works closely with the Borough Council on issues affecting the Parish, it is not ruled by, or answerable to Cheshire West and Chester.  It can seek guidance from Borough Councillors or CWaC officers, but is under no obligation to follow that advice.

Parish councillors are bound by the same code of conduct which rules all levels of government.  Each Councillor has to sign a register of interests, and must declare an interest in any matter which comes up for discussion which would affect him/her, either personally, or financially.

Parish Council meetings are on the first Monday in each month, except where this falls on a Bank Holiday, (when they are on the following week), at 7.30pm. Further information can be obtained from the Clerk, Ann Wright, on 01948 861 035 or by emailing: