Useful Guidance and Advice

On this page you will find documents which the Parish Council feels might be of use to residents by way of useful information.


Advertising Guidance

In today’s competitive commercial environment, it is easy to understand that companies make use of as many ways of local advertising as they can find.  Posters, flyers, banners and signs appear regularly around the parish of Tattenhall and as long as the guidelines are followed these are perfectly acceptable.

Large, permanent signs advertising businesses and services must apply for the appropriate consent from the planning authority, Cheshire West & Chester.  This is especially important for the conservation area in the centre of Tattenhall.

Some banners and signs can be tolerated as they are up for only a short time; for example, Film Night or the Beer Festival at the Barbour Institute, or the Village Show signs at the entrance to the village.  The organisers of such events are responsible for removing the signs as soon as the date has passed and this does usually happen.  There are a number of community notice boards in Tattenhall on which posters can be displayed, and there they can remain for some time.

Some forms of advertising are not acceptable such as fly posting – which means putting posters on trees, lamp posts, or fences.  Signs which are placed on the grass verges or on the footpaths are not permitted and action can be taken against any business which uses this method of advertising.  An A board is on private land, and taken in at the end of each day, is permitted as long as it doesn’t impede pedestrians.

The Parish Council’s aim is to keep Tattenhall looking attractive for residents and visitors alike.  To assist with this, the official guide to Outdoor Advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers published by the Government’s Department of Communities and Local Government has been posted on the Parish Council’s website and you can find it here:

Please read this before you advertise around the parish and if you are in any doubt, contact the Clerk to the Parish Council for help.  You can reach her at


The Countryside Code

Follow the link to The Countryside Code issued by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs