Parish Council Precept for 2018/19

Parish Council Precept for 2018/19

Each year, in January, the Finance Committee of the Parish Council meets to look at what money will be needed in the coming year to pay for budgeted items.  This funding forms part of your Council Tax and allows the Parish Council to deliver the services for which it is responsible.

Two years ago, there was a small percentage increase in the Precept rate, but there was also a levy of £10 on each Band D household raise funds to rebuild the play area in the centre of the village, which is now a fantastic asset for our community.

In 2018/19, the Parish Council intends to levy a further one-off £10 payment per Band D property so that Operation Shield can be made available to every property in the parish.

Operation Shield is a police initiative which works by using unique DNA liquid to mark property in your home.  The DNA coding is linked solely to your address so that if goods are stolen and then recovered, they can be traced back to you.  Further information can be found at

Each household will receive one kit free of charge and additional kits can be bought at modest cost from the police.  The parish will be able to put up signs showing that Operation Shield is used in the area and results have shown that crime figures are much reduced when thieves realise that property is protected with DNA liquid.

Tattenhall is one of the last parishes in Cheshire to take part in Operation Shield and the Parish Council feels that it would be of great benefit to all residents.

Including the £10 one-off levy will raise a Precept of £48,384 meaning a payment of £46.49 per Band D property.  These figures were recommended to the Parish Council and were approved at the Extra-Ordinary meeting held on 22nd January 2018.

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